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Admininstrative Services For Individual Investors

This section is intended for existing clients of Amici International Corporation. IF you want assistance with your current investments or  you are looking to make a new   overseas investment and request us to be your administrator ;  please contact us by email at  for more details. WE UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO BE ABLE TO GET HELP WHEN  YOU NEED IT. Our team of specialists are available to assist you by answering your questions regarding information and administration of your investments. We can assist you with general administrative services regarding information how to change personal details such as changing your address or contact details, but also more specific questions that will help you deal with wider issues regarding the administration of your existing or new investments. This could involve obtaining application forms, how to transfer funds, submitting a redemption request, contacting a product provider or helping you to find an advisor that can help with your financial planning. What else do you need to know? Please be aware that the services we provide are only in the areas of information, learning and administration of investments. You can contact us with regards to matters that fit into these categories and we will do all we can to assist you. Where appropriate we will guide you to another service provider who can deal with your request . You can request further information by sending an  e-mail  to us at :  explaining what kind of information / details you require. Alternatively, please fill in the enquiry sheet below:

We will respond to you request as soon as possible.