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Adviser Overview



Amici International Corporation is committed to providing the best web based administration and support services for  Professional Advisers who operate in the offshore investment market.

At AMICI, we understand that there is never enough time in the day for the busy financial advisor, and in today’s competitive marketplace you need to spend time focusing on your customers , winning business and providing investment opportunities. Regulation, compliance and competition puts a heavy burden on running your business, but time spent on improving the back-office systems can quickly result in greater efficiency, and improved profits.

AMICI research has a team of research analysts and assistants at our headquarters as well as at satellite offices New York and London. Our team has extensive experience within in the financial industry with backgrounds in fund management,  with particular expertise in emerging markets, commodities and offshore investment. As one of the leading financial information providers to the Japanese market, we can ensure our clients are provided with information that cannot be found in the mainstream press. Our researchers have a track record in delivering accurate and detailed information on specific topics, funds or companies usually only found through those working inside the industry, providing real value to you and your customers.

Specialist research areas covered include Hedge Funds and the Resource Sector .

This is where our services become the missing link in your business. We are industry experts in providing specialist solutions to the ever-demanding challenges that you face day to day.

Please be aware that the services we provide are only in the areas of information, learning and administration of investments. You can contact us with regards to matters that fit into these categories and we will do all we can to assist you. Where appropriate we will guide you to another service provider who can deal with your request .



So… if you want to assemble a complete array of financial services in a single, integrated package, consider AMICI Fund Administration services.

AMICI is the expert fund administration services provider. AMICI offers IFAs a variety of administration services to assist in meeting all your client’s needs. To ensure we are providing the essential service advisers require .please do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve our service or inform us of any further services yu would like us to provide – please use our feedback form.