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Fund Distribution

Amici Fund Distribution Services  delivers Administrative Support Services for Fund Managers. The team provides this service for a variety of offshore and alternative Funds

Where companies are looking to pull together their own investment fund, we will advise how to shape and create their fund. We will also pull together the appropriate documentation. Fees to produce the documentation can be significant, but Amici Fund Distribution provides this service for an extremely competitive fee.

However, the documentation and sales brochures for a new investment fund are irrelevant if the company is unable to reach potential investors. Amici Fund Distribution Services is able to reach those potential investors. Through our extensive fund distribution network, we are able to place details of others’ investment funds in front of IFAs, institutions and the investment community.

We’ve been raising money in the region since 1998 for investment products

Amici Can help Fund Managers get established in the Region

Our principal markets in Asia Pacific include: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea