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Offshore Fund Structuring

Third Party Service Providers

Amici can coordinate the introduction and relationship with third party service providers including administrators, legal counsel, auditors, brokers, traders, and other relevant parties.

There are a number of reasons why an investment fund profits from the involvement of a third party administrator. Although the core activity of a fund administrator remains accounting and performing registrar and transfer agency services, the fund administrator is also a consultant with experience in structuring, legal and accounting issues, provides fiduciary and corporate secretarial services and acts as liaison between the investors and the fund and between all parties involved with the fund.

Structuring and establishment

The administrator acts as a project manager during the pre-launch phase of the fund. In this capacity the administrator has many responsibilities such as acting as facilitator of the process, liaising with the investment managers, (prime) broker(s), legal and tax counsel, auditors, supervising authorities and notary or registered agent involved in the establishment of the fund.

The administrator also supervises the process and ascertains timely delivery of the structure. In certain cases it may draft the offering memorandum and agreements, incorporate the fund and register the fund with supervisory authorities, if required.

As a provider of services to many funds, Amici has extensive experience in assisting in the pre-launch phase and can select and suggest the most appropriate parties to involve in the set-up, from its network of professional service providers. established over many years