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Individual Investors Overview


We are Administration and Customer Support Specialists for investors

Amici International Corporation is committed to providing the best web based administration and customer support  service available to individual investors. We will keep you  up to date with the  offshore investments  marketplace and provide assistance in managing existing investments

We provide monthly newsletters that include the latest fund news, analyst comment and information  for investors that want to keep up to date on offshore investments. .AMICI has a team of research analysts  at our headquarters as well as at satellite offices New York and London. Our team has extensive experience within in the  financial industry with backgrounds in fund research  and market analysis.

As one of the leading financial  information providers to the Japanese market, we can ensure our clients are provided with information that cannot be found in the mainstream press. Our researchers have a track record in delivering accurate and detailed information on specific topics, usually this is only available to those working inside the industry.

The news and reports section will keep customers fully informed of what is happening in the global financial markets.The learning center aims to provide some basic understanding of the offshore market place and fundamentals regarding planning for retirement.

For those clients  seeking assistance for their existing investments please see our section : Administration Services For Individual Investors

Please be aware that the services we provide are only in the areas of information, learning and administration of investments. You can contact us with regards to matters that fit into these categories and we will do all we can to assist you. Where appropriate we will guide you to another service provider who can deal with your request .