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Specialist Services

Fund Training


Who should attend?

An essential training course for IFAs and select high net worth individuals needing to understand the fund management industry and the products that drive it. Taught from a practitioner’s perspective, this training course looks at the fund industry from a global perspective.

Course Highlights

Attend this 1-day intensive training course and equip yourself with a clear practical understanding of the offshore fund marketplace :

  • Different types of fund management and investment styles
  • Various investment products and their respective markets
  • Asset allocation within the investment decision making process
  • Benchmarking and risk control
  • Investment performance measurement and verification

Understanding the fundamentals of investment

Investors: their requirements and objectives
Understanding risk/return, diversification and inflation
Examining the investment assets
historical returns
projecting returns 

Understanding the fund management process

Planning for optimal portfolio returns
setting investment objectives
the constraints of the fund manager
strategic asset allocation to enhance portfolio performance

Implementing strategies to maximise performance
How and why benchmarks must be specified

Explaining different types of funds and their characteristics
=> conventional funds
=> tracker/index funds
=> hedge funds