Private: Retirement Basics

Planning for retirement

Amici makes it easy to get retirement planning tailored to specific NEEDS…

This creates the ability to look ahead and to make adjustments and will be invaluable for ensuring financial well-being that lasts.

The Amici Retirement Planning Guide

Easy to start — easy to continue

Financial planning review

Assess Resources

Collect and organize financial documents — bank, investments, insurance, estate

Make a list of assets and liabilities, and income and expenses

Analyse all of this data to see your overall financial situation

Set Goals

Establish how you want to live in retirement — residence, leisure, health care

Make a timeframe for achieving your goals

Create Plan

Calculate the gap between current resources and established goals

Evaluate savings plan options

Implement Plan

Establish a savings and investment portfolio to meet your goals — be open to change

Enlist help from Regions’ experts as well as your tax, estate, and other advisors

Monitor Plan

Review your goals often — at least annually

Measure your progress

Revise Plan

Remember, retirement planning is not static, but is a flexible, changing dynamic

As your situation progresses, you may need to make adjustments — and we can help you along the journey.